• Why Everyone Needs an Editor

    Everyone and I mean everyone, needs an editor. A lot of time can be wasted obsessing about word efficiency, grammar, punctuation and wondering if the whole thing should just go in the trash. An editor comes equipped with red pen in hand, ready to slice and dice your words into something that is pleasant to read. Face Reality Count the number of times the word ā€œIā€ occurs in the text, if it is more than » Read More


  • The Artistic Experience and Your Brand

    The artistic life is not an easy one to live. As creatives, we turn inward to craft expressions of art that connect the human experience. Emotions tend to lead actions, and there is usually a strong attachment to the work. Artisans can become protective of their craft, and yet, they long for a patron to experience the passion put into the product. The artistic life is also full of beauty. We see things more vibrantly, » Read More


  • The Importance of Imagery

    Much like poetry, imagery intends to reach from human to human and connect us through sensory experience first through sight, then through the associations the image conjures in our minds. When it is done exceptionally well, it connects through the physical and emotional sensations it conjures. Imagery is the original form of written communication. Its advent signifies the birth of the human imagination and its desire to document the human experience (also, much like poetry). » Read More


  • Detachment is the Key to Success

    Golf is a mind sport. One in which you are acutely aware of the power of positivity versus negativity. If you stay positive throughout the game and rest confidently on your skills, you will have fun and you will learn whether you win or lose. If you follow the negative spiral of thoughts that inevitably pop up with each missed putt, you will find yourself wasting a lot of opportunities for a great shot. The » Read More


  • The Importance of Branded Language

    Branded language is a specialized use of word combinations that work to create meaning that is unique to a brand. At its best, it will become a catchphrase. Nike, for example, comes to mind when you hear Just Do It whether you are in the market for sneakers or your spouse is nagging you to take out the trash. The brand operates from this core identity and their content reflects their mantra in tone, imagery, » Read More


  • AI and the Livelihood of Language

    In March 2017, Wall Street Journal Magazine addressed the subject of the significance of language in their Soapbox section where they ask six people to lend their voice on a topic. The luminaries (as they call them) included a co-creator of Siri, a writer, an actor, a luxury handbag designer, an architect, and an artist. They each contributed their thoughts about the significance of language in their profession and its impact on their artistic experience. » Read More