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When you contact us, we will send you a few questions to answer so that we can get acquainted. We asked Susie Ippolito to answer those questions herself for the same purpose.

Let’s get acquainted

Respondent: Susie Ippolito

What do you do?
I am a creative non-fiction writer.

What makes you stand apart from the crowd?
I think differently than most. I seek creative solutions through forward thinking.

What are you best at?
I have an eye for the significance of language and imagery and how they work together. I notice the impact they have on the web presence of businesses, individuals, and brands and how to maximize their effect.

What is your industry superpower?
I am able to create narratives out of brand values. A narrative tells a complete story with cohesive details and images that bring the tale to life. This is a step beyond marketing and content creating. It adds dimensions to the voice of the brand.

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