I am a creative non-fiction writer.

That means I look at the way text and imagery make meaning; it means that I like to dissect, annotate, and explicate both poetry and prose. (Seriously, it is what I do for fun). It means I enjoy a challenge. It means that I am able to look at a brand through a specific and strategic lense that reveals its true meaning and helps it to achieve its true potential.

As a brand, you have an infinite number of methods and mediums at your disposal to display your goods and services. I am interested in the behind the scenes work, the system a brand employs to create its message and to imprint its image on the minds of its tribe.


I have developed brands that

Promote Goodwill

Sell Branded Imagery

Sell the Art of High-End Hairstyling

Establish Professional Authority

Sell Multi-Million Dollar Manhattan Buildings

Each brand had its own story to tell. Each approach was strategically planned. Each one resisted strategy, each one thought there must be an easier way. Each brand is grateful they chose to trust the process and embrace a strategic approach.

All have gone on to enjoy great success.

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Published Stories

As a creative non-fiction writer, I get to explore topics in out-of-the-box ways. I have written many stories about female entrepreneurs, their motivation, their journey and what it takes to keep moving towards success.

There are also a few stories about awareness and self care (two things I am quite passionate about), and interview with the very inspirational Kathrine Switzer.

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